LG-11 & 12

Village Grocer has set a mission to provide offerings and services that appease the growing needs of high-end discerning shoppers with a modern lifestyle. The brand offers distinct grocery offerings and food products ranging from fresh produce, famous brands, to rare-to-find delicacies worldwide.

Living up to the motto, “Fresh is our passion”, Village Grocer commit to quality fresh produce with air flown fresh produce and fresh local produce delivered daily, including support local farmers that not only allowing customers get vegetables in quality as fresh as from the conventional morning market in a more comfortable environment but also a way to support local community.

For the meat lover, Village Grocer have meat counters by bringing in own range of patties (including wagyu patties), sausages and marinades, Australian and New Zealand fresh beef and Norwegian salmon as well as expert to provide fine cuts. For Penang outlets, Village Grocer offers seafood direct from the local boats daily.

The chill and frozen section offer an assortment of vegan and vegetarian products as well as imported ice creams from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

While for the lighter and healthier diets, there is an organic section and a wide range of gluten-free, plant-based food and trendy protein supplements.

In addition, Village Grocer even offers great value house-brand products from Australia’s Woolworths, service friendly and knowledgeable assistance, and a Bites Application loyalty programme where members collect points and redeem goods with the points. Also, offers vouchers worth more than RM50 for new members signing-up to its Bites loyalty programme.